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SAS Input/Outut Viewer


SLIST Editor
Tech Teaser

Here is a quick and easy way to check the data sets or external files a SAS program reads and writes. 

If there is any documentation its often not up-to-date, so the only way to be sure what data a program is reading and writing is to examine the code yourself.

Or have a program check it for you.

This utility allows you to right-click on a .sas file within Windows Explorer, select an extra option from the pop-up menu,

and instantly see the program's input/output.

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  1. Download the ZIP file.
  2. Expand the contents and follow the instructions in the ReadMe file.

System Requirements:

Windows 2000, XP.

SAS 8.2 or above.


Note: Administrator access to your PC may be needed to alter the Windows Explorer folder options.

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