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  complementSoft's ASAP(tm) is an alternative development platform and toolkit for SAS(r) users and programmers.

The ASAP application is a productivity tool for transferring, editing, debugging and visualising SAS programs. Built-in program flow and data flow visualisation, local and remote execution, and source code template support round-out the features, making the ASAP application an essential tool in any SAS environment. 

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The application's key features include:

bulletDocument Manager
bulletTemplate Manager
bulletDatabase Manager
bulletSite Manager

These are only the major components that a user will now find available with ASAP. All the components have other built-in features not listed below. ASAP takes the "manual labour" parts of working with SAS out of SAS! Increase your productivity, save time and money!  Request the free trial version today!  Try it! You'll save more in productivity the first week using ASAP . . .

Learn more about ASAP from our slide show, from our flyer, from our white paper, and from complementSoft's product pages. Download a free trial version, or contact us by phone or email.

Does your company have a SAS program that it runs frequently, but no one has looked at the actual code for a while because the person that wrote the code is no longer with the company? . . . Or it's too big a program and it would cost too much in time and/or $$$ to analyse it? Run it through ASAP to immediately, and visually, see bugs, duplicate sorts, redundant code, etc.  Your company will save more in mainframe cycles or UNIX CPU utilisation than the cost of ASAP!

Product Features

ASAP visualiserVisualiser - The Visualiser is an interactive, graphical display tool that shows program flow and data flow diagrams. You can print the diagrams, save them as JPEG files (for use in documentation), and use them as a navigation aid whilst editing your program in ASAP.

Visualising your code and your macros gives you a whole new perspective on your programs (and other people's too).

Template Manager - The Template Manager is a source code template management tool that enables you to develop new programs and edit existing programs quickly and efficiently. An integral browser provides ready access to stored source code templates that you can insert into your program with a single click of your mouse.

ASAP 's Template Manager comes with a variety of generic SAS language syntax templates. You can also save your own frequently-used code segments and pull examples from the Web.

Editor - The Editor is a full-featured SAS source code editor that provides language-aware syntax highlighting capabilities, breakpoint management, and powerful navigation via the diagrams. This editor also highlights warnings and errors contextually within the log.

Document Manager - The Document Manager is an intelligent drag-and-drop interface that enables you to transfer and track files between multiple servers and your local workstation. The Document Manager is integrated into the other components that make up the ASAP environment and serves as the central point of access to the system.

Site Manager - The Site Manager is an innovative tool that manages remote server profiles and connection information. Firewall and server logon information can also be saved, allowing subsequent logon requests to be handled transparently. Remote SAS file access and execution throughout the ASAP application is handled centrally through the Site Manager. The Site Manager coordinates remote SAS file access and execution for all of the other ASAP application tools.

Server - This Server is an enhanced terminal emulator with built-in telnet protocol support. Using information from the Site Manager, the Server automatically connects and logs onto remote servers to execute SAS programs. When the code has been executed, the Server invokes the Document Manager to transfer both the execution log and output file to your workstation for review.

Download a free trial version, or contact us by phone or email.

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