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Ever wanted to quickly check what an unformatted SAS date or datetime value means?  Of course you have. 

You probably write a quick data _null_ step to put the value to the Log with the appropriate format.

You might use a macro to do the job, but if you're running SAS on a Windows platform, download this free, easy-to-use utility to convert SAS date, datetime and time values to something meaningful, and visa versa.

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  1. Download the SAS catalog, saving it in an appropriate directory e.g. c:\ssutil.
  2. Assign a library to this directory in your autoexec.sas  e.g. libname ssutil 'c:\ssutil';
  3. Customise the toolbox in the SAS Log and Editor windows to add a button to start the Date Converter:

    - Right click on the toolbox and select Customize... Then select the Customize tab.

    - Press the New Tool Icon and:

        - Set the Command to: afa c=ssutil.dateconv.dateconv.frame

        - Set the Help Text and Tip Text fields to: Date Converter

        - Press the Help button if you're not sure what to do.

  4. Alternatively, define a macro command in your autoexec, like this:


    libname ssutil 'c:\ssutil';

    %macro dc / cmd;
       afa c=ssutil.dateconv.dateconv.frame;


    You can then just enter  dc  on the command line to invoke the Date Converter.

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